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Hello AEL Community!

We have noticed that many of you are having some issues creating teams effectively, so here is a small tutorial to help you do that properly in the future!

To create a team, you need to click on the “Create a team” button which appears on the dropdown menu when you are about to click on your profile. Each user can create any number of teams and can be a member of any number of teams created by others.

Regular users have an automatic Team page template that is already set.
Important! During the team creation process, team admin has to select which games his/her team plays. Otherwise, other teams won’t be able to challenge his/her team. To do that, the team admin has to add a Games Block Visual Composer element to the team’s page. Here’s how to do that:

Edit your games block by clicking pen icon (marked in red) and set block title and games played by the team.

When creating a team, a user can select the team’s name, avatar and custom background. He/she will even have access to Visual Composer to create a layout of the team’s page!

If you are website admin, you will have the option to manually add team blocks like this:

  1. Click the Add element button

2- Select the Games Block element

3 – Select games that your team plays

That’s it! You’re ready to participate in tournaments when your team is complete. Don’t forget to give your team’s link to your members so that they can join it easily.

If you have any other questions or difficulties, you’ve got the live chat section below which you can use to contact us.

GL & HF ♥

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