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G2 have proven themselves as the best team in the world and sets the tone for a very competitive LEC summer split.

They’ve taken the Spring LEC title, the MSI title, and look to continue their run in the summer. Who, if anyone, can step up and stop G2?


It took a trip halfway around the world to prove but, make no mistake, G2 are definitely the team to beat this year. After coming away with the Championship in the Spring Split against Origen, the boys in black and white continued to show their dominance at MSI. They managed to take down many of the top teams in the world prior to facing off against Team Liquid in the finals, where they won in record-setting fashion.

As if the competition wasn’t fierce enough in Europe, every other team will be wanting to take down the team that not only sits at the top of their region, but at the top of the world. Excel Esports, FC Schalke 04, Fnatic, Misfits Gaming, Origen, Rogue, SK Gaming, Splyce, and Team Vitality all have their eyes set on taking down the World Champions and claiming their spot at the top of the LEC.


CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez and the rest of the G2 staff have without-a-doubt, put together one of the best League of Legends teams in the history of the game. G2 are no strangers to being at the top. They’ve taken numerous Premier championships in years past, led by team veteran Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković.

Perkz has been with the team since 2015 and has been one of the staples in what makes the team so great. The midlaner gone ADC has proven that he is one of the best players in the game and is continuously improving his gameplay and leadership abilities. Over two years of roster moves came and went before the next current G2 members came aboard. In December of 2017, Wunder and Jankos came over in the top and jungle roles. It wasn’t until nearly a year later in 2018 that the final two current members came over to complete the dream team. Caps (or “Baby Faker”) came over from Fnatic and Mikyx joined from Misfits.

Caps coming aboard meant that Perkz had to switch over to the ADC role, which in hindsight proved an inspired decision. Caps became the first player to win back to back MVP awards for two different teams and added another MVP award to that list recently at MSI.

While it’s not always a guarantee that a roster full of top tier players will produce a top tier team, the boys of G2 have an incredible chemistry amongst every single member. As a relatively young team, the only way to go is up. The other teams of the LEC better have put a lot of work in during the offseason to have a chance at putting a stop to the well-oiled machine that is G2.


Despite G2’s momentum, summer is still anyone’s split. Let’s take a look.

Fnatic – One of the oldest and most recognizable teams in League of Legends looks to bounce back after an impressive spring showing. With a final record of 11-7, they were only finally stopped by Origen in the semi-finals, losing 1-3. In a recent interview, Fnatic toplaner Bwipo told us about the issues the team had during the split. Time will tell if those issues were worked on during the offseason.

Splyce – After an 11-7 season, their playoff run came to an end in a 1-3 loss against Fnatic, placing them in fourth. With a relatively new team composition, it was definitely an impressive showing. With a whole split of experience now under their belt and an offseason to prepare, Splyce are looking to come back even stronger.

Misfits – While the team didn’t have the performance they hoped for and expected in the Spring Split, there’s no doubt they will be coming back strong. A coaching change and team delegation issues were a couple notable contributing factors to the team’s performance. Coach Moose plans to work on team synergy and implement an aggressive roster substitution system to keep roster spots competitive.

Rogue – Rogue ended up in last place during spring, which means they above all teams want to come back the strongest. With the recent departure of Wadid and the addition of Selfie, it’ll be exciting to see how the roster change will affect their summer performance.

Team Vitality – After an impressive split performance, their playoff run was cut off early by Fnatic. Team Vitality were looking like a potential top three team during the early weeks of spring. They look to bounce back under their great roster, including the promising jungler Mowgli who was brought over from Afreeca Freecs of the LCK.

SK Gaming – The roster announced just last year came out with a strong showing in the inaugural LEC split, finishing at 10-9. A recent roster change saw Sacre coming up from SK’s academy team, replacing Werlyb. Perhaps this is the change that the team needs to push them into summer playoffs.

Origen – The team that had a shot at taking the Championship title instead of G2. Origen are planning on coming back with the same roster for summer as they believe working with the same group is the best choice, rather than looking into frequent roster moves. Can the second place team take that first place spot this split?

Schalke 04 – The team out of Germany had an impressive 9-10 performance during the spring split. A few close matches were the difference in missing out on their shot at playoffs. A team that definitely had top three potential in the spring has recently brought on a new performance manager, Emilie Farnir, as an extra measure in preparing for the next split.

Excel – With a final record of 5-13 in the Spring Split, a lack of experience and visa issues were some things that attributed to the team’s missed chance at making playoffs. The team’s rookies have a full split under their belt and the team is now settled in their new house and training facility, which should prove for some great League play from them during the Summer Split.

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