AEL Monthly Tournament Second Edition.

author image by psyco | 0 Comments | 16 August 2019
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Hello AEL Community!

As you all know, the second edition of our AEL Monthly Tournament is coming in less than 13 days.

We still have 4 spots open for 4 teams who are ready to take the challenge and compete for the prize.

Registration is easy, you just have to create a team on our website, then add your members ( who also should create individual accounts!)

If you are facing any difficulties with team creation, you can either contact us through the website, or send us a message on our facebook page, and we will respond shortly.

To the teams who already completed the registration but still did not add all of their members, please do it ASAP in order to not risk your spot in the tournament!

Again, our team will always be there to help you with everything and to answer your questions.

GL & HF ♥

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